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Do you like your head in the clouds?
To fly above it all and never come down?
Race the dawn with heavy eyes
And heavy steps to take you home
It all has a different look
When you're turned upside down, inside out
Then you know you'll look behind
Tomorrow is a day for doubt

Here we go...
Sailian away to dreamland
Off we go
To dreamland

Do you wake up drowning?
Or spend hours howling at the moon?
Does the wave of passion you ride
Leave you alone on the shore?
But to hold the hands of time
Turn back the clock, make the wrong seems right
Oh my friend you will look behind
But start to worry about tonight

Look me up...
Look me up when you get there
Look me up...
That's all I'm asking


Do you like the music?
All the sounds that echo in your ears
They ring when heads are swimming
Your body has no choice but to move
So tonight tip your glass with me
And wash away those tears
Tonight just don't look behind
Let sober minds fight their fears

Lyrics: T. Nicoletti
Music: T. Nicoletti


Look Away

why have you come knocking at my 
door at this hour again 
will this ever end? my friend 
look around isn't this world cold and cruel 
full of all these rules 
you picked me up standing on this mountaintop 
Please show me what you got 
a heart's desire... 
a simple answer... 

as I.... as I... as I... 
as I... look away 

the tables laid, the stage is set for tragedy 
must it come to me 
always with your feet on the sand 
but never do you touch the water 
racked my mind but it seems there's 
so much to gain 
but so much is thrown away as well 
for all these things 
there's a simple answer 

how I wish that I was the wise man 
then all these colors wouldn't fade to grey 
but it takes time after time after time 
to find my way 

how I wish that I was the wise man 
the reddest apple I'd never taste 
but like him again and again and again 
I must look away 

Lyrics: T. Nicoletti
Music: T. Nicoletti 



All these seconds that we share
Some we'd like to last forever
While others we'd just soon forget
Sometimes I sit and wonder
Will you wait for me?

All these hours that we share
Laughing out loud or holding it in
Night creeps in, day melts to dark
Head hits the pillow, in dreams I wonder
When will we meet?

And she says "Wait...
Until the time is right"
She says "Wait...
It's too late tonight"

All these days that we share
The puzzle comes in bits and pieces
Each one looking same as the next
Leaving to spin in wonder
How can this be?

All these years that we share
Opening one door to the other
Just around the corner but a million miles away
Sometimes I can't help but to wonder
How long will this be?

Lyrics: T. Nicoletti
Music: T. Nicoletti


In The Night

Here we sit watching the clouds roll by
Their silver lining shines
All those thoughts racing 
Through my head are lost
The corners of my mind
The path curves but 
Still we push ahead
The path falls behind
Well I might have been lonely
If I'd only, turned the other way
Just adrift on the ocean
Wrapped in the notion, of constant delay

Cause you never stand alone
In the night
When blue skies fade to black
And the tears come raining down
In the night
We'll set this world on fire
To stand the test of time
My one desire

Here we sit watching the crowds 
Stroll by, as they make their way
How I wish we could
Lose this group for a while
The games we'd play
All at once our worries would fall away
Footsteps of yesterday

When I'm standing next to nothing
I have it all because
Every man's a fool
Lips move, got nothing to say
Every man's a fool
how he'd let you walk away


Lyrics: T. Nicoletti
Music: T. Nicoletti


Trying To Find

I was just passing time
Rest my bones
Relax my mind
Closed my eyes to
See what I'd find... Inside

Took A walk down memory lane
Saw so many faces without a name
It's funny how time goes by
So much remains...

Turn off the world
Turn off the world, and drift away

So why are we moving so slowly?
Dragging our feet through our days
And why are we moving so slowly
Trying to find
Trying to find, what we'd like to be
Trying to find, can't live without
Trying to find what we'd like to be
Trying to find

Days come and slip away
Some pass on while others stay
Tonight may fade
Or it may burn

Far ahead beyond my reach
I'll remember what I used to be
And be glad that as I greyed
It all stayed

Lyrics: T. Nicoletti
Music: T. Nicoletti


And I Woke

Hear the waves roll over sands of gold
Footprints you leave behind
As you walk my eyes behold
Drink the sun, in a glass of rum
And my thoughts are a secret untold
Stand alone pure as the see 
How, your beauty unfolds

Oh and your hair guides the wind
And draws me close
As I approach I kiss your eyes
And the passion flows
Gentle girl now come with me
To show you a world that no one knows
Take this feeling on a long trip, 
See where it goes

As the water wets the sand
Oh I see you barefoot, and
Walk with me, the door is open
See the sunset in your eyes
Tell me now we'll never die
Say we'll live to be old as the ocean

Free your lips to dance with mine
While my fingers caress your face
Let's spend these hours while the world is ours
Rolling in this embrace
Oh and the scent of your skin
Can't get over the thrill of your taste
I'll reach inside you now let me into
That secret place

Touch me more and lift me higher
Set my empty heart on fire
Drink with me, let's dance tonight
To the music of the moon
You know the morning comes too soon
I'll love you more before the break of light

Lyrics: Omar and T. Nicoletti
Music: C. Harris


Locked In

They say the train is coming through our town
One week from now
But it's not going to stop
They say we all get to be
On both sides of a grave
After all I took and all I gave
I hope I'm finally waking up

My daddy always said
"After this wait, all you do
Is hope to see your friends"
I'd see them boys at the edge of town
Carhood as our table, lights went out
We're locked in!!

The Way I look at life: it gives
Then it takes away from you
One memory dies and another lives
Never tells us what to do
Hey Mr. Happy you know
Tomorrow will be blue

Let the aching man die in peace
Take the good man off these hungry
Angry streets
Take another shot at life
What you see is another door, opens up
Don't lock it

When the road gets too long
And the desert dunes are all you see
Don't let the sand hurt your eyes
Remember, always, to keep one bullet in your pocket 

Lyrics: Omar
Music: Omar


Two Left Feet

This game of blindness makes you wanna see
Trying to walk your way with two left feet
Smoke burns to ashes, day don't turn to night
But when the night falls down, you're wondering why!

Sacred before you this book full of lies
Don't seem to notice this window of projection
You're high, you sleep, you drink, and that makes you wise
Don't need to be right here, drowning in your deception

Well I look into your eyes
What do you want from me?
Can you look into my eyes?
What am I to see?
Hell can't you see your lies?
I'll look the other way?
Find joy in my demise?
I'll live another day

Lyrics: Omar
Music: Omar


Into My Grave

I don't know
Who you think I am
I wanna know
Where we go from here
How do I know
The people that I trust
I wanna trust
The People that I fear
My last thought
Raced through my head
As I know
Soon I'll be dead
I may be
The last of my kind
Now that I know
The world is blind

I see the light to guide my way
Through this dark and stormy night
To move along this darkened road
To remember just who's inside
To find my way along this road
I seemed to have lost my place
Admit that I missed the road
That leads me straight into my grave!

No one here
To tuck me in at night
No one there
To teach me what is right
I don't care
Who you say you are
It's your fault
You're never there at all
All these years
I ran away in fear
All this time
To know it's not me
At the end
There's nothing you could do
Life is gone
It's all up to you

Lyrics: M. Gilham
Music: C. Harris


Girl That Never

As she listens to the sound and breathe of the empty room
she wants badly to see the truth
As she looks behind her, over her tired shoulder
no one's there to hold her hand
Seems like years ago when friends came in to take her
to the places she knows she missed
Now the life she always feared is here to stay
so cry she will with the morning mist

She'll never cry, she'll never lie
She'll never miss a life gone by
She'll never weep but when she sleeps
She'll dream she had a better life

The way she looked at life made life look back
but never gave her any answer
She felt like a drifting ship in the ocean wanting to stop
but she never had an anchor
So she looked into the sky, to a pregnant cloud
washed her over with tears and rain
Oh she waited for the sun to shine but 
never did the sun show that day

lyrics: omar
music: omar

One Hit

Shut tight the door, cause what we're looking for,
        Is a hopeful show, as the stop light says go.
We  think aloud, of the soon to be crowd,
        Their feet are moving on the floor, their mouths are begging for more.
I see the Paradise Lounge, the wheel goes round and round,
        Stepping through another door, once more, once more, once more.
Can I see your ID please?  I'd get down on my hands and knees,
        To be up on the stage and be, who all the people came to see.

Hear the sounds of our heart, beat your ear
As you drink another beer, in this happy hour.
We give to you, all that we know is true,
But our land of milk and honeydew, will soon turn sour.

Tap the keg, pass me a cup, oh did I say a cup?
        I meant to say a bowl, come on lets light, breathe in, and roll.
I feel it every time, Corona squeezed with lime,
        The spirits that we bring, open your ears and let the drums sing.
The joint is small, but all in all, we hear a higher call,
        Or do I want the same, the fame, of everyone to know my name?
Bars are cool, and parties rule, but still I raise my hand to duel,
        Get off your heels and spin the wheels, our fortune lies in record 

lyrics: J. Hoover
music: J. Hoover
all songs are copyrighted©
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