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I shall be telling this with a sigh
Somewhere ages and ages hence:
Two roads diverged in a wood, and I --
I took the one less traveled by,
And that has made all the difference.
      					--Robert Frost

Those were great words by a great poet. Our choices in life do make a difference and so do our words. It is evident that the art of song consists of both music and words. Neither more important than the other. This is why we chose to share with you some words that no music could contain. Please enjoy.


A leaf that fights the mighty winds
The fall of all, to world unknown
Yellow, beaten, dry and aged
Then rest to rot on a sleeping stone
I was green. Now that is I.

A drop of rain against a force
Of a river flows to feed the sea
Sided by the rock of time
A drop of brine now I am to be
I was pure. Now that is I.

A string of light on a mother's face
I shone to wipe the tears of cold
Then angry cottons blocked my view
And silenced truth that I once told
I was strong. Now that is I.

A mirror cracked that shows a face
A multitude of stormy guises
What's once a dream is now a ruse
The dormant soul realizes
I was honest. Now that is I.

A horse that died before the end
Faltered legs a knight betrayed
The prize is lost in dust and haze
The armor passed, the hope delayed
I had hope to fill the sky. Sadly now, that is I.




She told me when, when she woke
She saw the face of an angel that spoke
Reached a hand, to wipe a tear off her face
To mend her heart, that this life once broke

Wrap a string around my arm
There's fire, but I see no smoke
A trip on life without a reason
I see them laughing, but I hear no joke

She tells me when, when she's high
She walks with feet that touch the sky
That she'll reach her hand, to grab a star, maybe two
To hang around the neck of her drugged child

Rain of leaves cover my head
I need an answer, but I don't ask why
This sun I hold knows no season
This clown I know taught me how to cry

I told her when, when she's gone
I'll wake her child to a better dawn
I'll reach a hand, draw a smile on her face
When she cries to know what deeds you've done

I'll wrap a dream around her soul
Show her life, that you've lost and she's won
This trip on truth without treason
You're gone and she, will forever be one



I have defied sleep
(For a thousand nights)
To learn the language of the moon
The silence of reflection,
The half presence,
The relationship with stars
That feared not to tell me,
"You shall be gone soon"

I have stood in awe of you
Seven days to spring
Of every four seasons passed
The soul is taxed, the dream withheld
The cheapest wax has melted over me
"Die if you must" they say,
Observe the battles between veins and blood
Yes (if I'm to confess) I have bled
For the soul was taxed
And the dreams have fled

I've lived the yesteryears
Survived the flood...
But out of all those wrecked on the shores
The horses chose to drink my blood



yet another dusky day has ended
with knees consumed and spine worn
when "the journey" she whispered, "the journey"
"and on the morrow" she said, "again you're born"

"the journey, for the goal you share,
but the path you have treaded alone.
breathe the morning dear, breathe the storm
you've carried the weight and the massive stone"

the road ahead, may be long
but surely cruel, yet surely treasured
the trip I figured: a thousand miles
but a lonely mile I have measured.

"the journey, in soul and witt
not steps and miles never-ending
not shadows you hide beneath
of rainless clouds you are befriending"

The rain I feared for it concealed
my tears of grief I longed to show
the heart now craves a shielded shelter
for veins to flow, for hopes to grow

"the journey, now, the day is here"
(she melted into a star of noon)
"I'll shine so please return the signal,
I've left you guides: sun and moon"

I often see her along the path
she shone and smiled. she never talked
"The journey!" I remembered, "the journey!"
and swiftly, but steadily... I walked.
I'm still walking!

by: omar
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