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  • 4-10-2000:

    We just got back from a show at Santa Clara University, that ended our 7-shows in 10-nights deal... the first show was the one at the Cactus Club, then we did C&J's then Paradise Lounge. After that we had C&J's again, Cocodrie up in San Fran, Santa Barbara, and finally SCU Brass Rail...
    We would really like to thank all of you for making this the best ten day span ever, especially those who came to the Cactus, Paradise, The insanely packed show at C&J's and those who came up or down to Santa Barbara!
    *stucco house... thank you girls for being there for us.. always!
    *kim! sorry about that 7 hour drive home!!
    *stacy! sorry I lost your guitar

  • 3-1-2000:

    hey everybody... just today I got a call from the booker for Cactus Club, we are going to play there!!! Finally... it's in a month.. please check our calendar... and please contact us if you want to know how important this is to us... the gig is on the 30th of march.. 2 days from that, we have our first San Francisco show, so we're hoping to see you at both shows.

  • Hey! the band will be taking a break (spring break) from the 14th until the 26th of march.. after that we've got some pretty good shows lined up for ya.