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warnblinker calendar!

Please contact band for more info 650-327-7367
Wed. 4/26/2000 C&J's Sports Bar 408-247-4027 21 and over show starts at 10:00 PM

Previous Shows

Thu. 4/13/2000 Paradise Lounge
308 11th St.
San Francisco CA 94103
415-621-1911 Show went great, we played a full set, if you want a copy, please give us an empty tape and we'll make you a copy!
Sat. 4/8/2000 Santa Barbara House Party 650-327-7367 Thank you Stacy for putting this thing together.. we had a blast... and thanks to your roommates and friends, and all our friends that drove down with us from the bay area, and those who drove up from San Diego and Los Angeles
Sun. 4/9/2000 Santa Clara University Event 408-551-3188 Thanks to the RHA at Santa Clara University, especially Mariah!
Thu. 4/6/2000 Cocodrie 415-986-6678 this was a last minute show! the club gave us a call late wednesday night after we got back from the C&J's show and asked us to fill in when they had a band cancel. it was a very good show
Wed. 4/5/2000 C&J's Sports Bar 408-247-4027 we'd like to thank everyone that came out, this was our biggest showing yet!!
Sun. 4/2/2000 Paradise Lounge
308 11th St.
San Francisco CA 94103
415-621-1911 Show went great. Thanks to all that came and joined us. We played for 3 1/2 hours, they liked us and are bringing us back for another show! hope to see you there again.
Sat. 4/1/2000 C&J's Sports Bar 408-247-4027 This is going to be our first 3-show weekend... it'll be fun!
21 and over
Thu. 3/30/2000 The Cactus Club
417 S. First
San Jose, CA 95113
408-491-9300 We would like to thank all of you that came to this show, the show was great, and hopefully we're playing there again soon.
Wed. 3/15/2000 C&J's Sports Bar 408-247-4027 this was finals week, still many people showed up... very satisfying show!
Sat. 3/4/2000 C&J's Sports Bar 408-247-4027 show went great... alot of the old faces showed up.. we played our newest song that doesn't have a name yet