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meet the band!

tones carver blu baby gilham! mr. sexiphone the lizard

acoustic/rhythm guitar : Tony Nicoletti
bass guitar : Ryan Carver
lead/electric guitar : Chris "blu" Harris
drums : Mike Gilham
saxophone : Josh Hoover
vocals : Omar

Tony Nicoletti

Acoustic guitar. Bay area native, grew up in the bay area... went to high school in the bay area.. went to college in the bay area... now pursuing a masters degree in civil engineering from stanford university.

Self-taught guitarist, started playing in 1996. In 1998 I started putting together some songs that would later become the core of the warnblinker songs. using the philosophy of writing simplistic music, yet powerful and appealing, guided by great groups such as the Rolling Stones, the Beatles, Led Zepplin, the Police, the Doors, and all the classic rock groups during the 60's and the 70's.

Always wanted to be part of a band that displayed my musical aspirations. I met mike (drummer) through his brother bob who was my roommate at the time... Mike and myself jammed often... Then one day during the summer of 1998, omar joined us for a jam session with a bass guitar and a PA system. A couple of months later, talk of putting a band together got serious, so I approached Ryan Carver, who also happened to be Omar's good friend and they jammed often. Ryan was a guitar player, but decided to play bass for the band since we needed a bassist. One day, during rugby practice, I brought up the fact that I'm putting a band together, Chris was there, and he told me that he played lead guitar, and would like to join us for a jam session. Chris liked the sound and suggested to bring in a guy that lived on his floor in the dorms that played sax: Josh.

Right then, all the pieces fell together. I had five songs ready to go, and right away, we put all the pieces together, and within a month and a half, we played our first gig, we played at our friends' house... it was a full house! from then on, it's been one hell of a ride...



Ryan Carver

Born in Washington June 25, 1977, raised in Arizona, college and work in the Bay Area. Acoustic guitar is my love, the more rich and pure the sound the better. Been playing that for 4 years. A nice break from the world of engineering, it calms and relaxes the soul. Jimmy Page is my musical idol, he can play anything with strings and make it sound awesome.

Started with Warnblinker with a detuned 6 string electric guitar, didn't know how far it would go. Each new person brought so much more to the band (Chris, Josh, Omar). Getting real, I needed to learn "real" bass. Props to "the Paps" for helping with the proper bass equipment. Played for only 3 months before our first show.

Self taught guitar and bass, though played other instruments in school concert bands through gradeschool and junior high. Warnblinker continues to be a great project, with quality guys on each instrument. ILU-SNG



Chris Harris

Lead guitar. Born on 6-30-1980. From New Orleans, LA. not much to say really, but when I talk about music, I always go back to were it started. I've been playing the guitar for almost ten years now. One of my favorite bands is Rush, they are actually the reason for starting to play the guitar, I was 9 then.

some of my other influences are Eddie Van Halen, Stevie Ray Vaughn, Led Zepplin, Pink Floyd, RHCP, Soulhat (from Austin, TX), The Meters (from New Orleans).

As for how I joined the band I'm sure one of the guys mentioned it already. But me and tony played rugby together for Santa Clara U. and I heard him talk about putting a band together and I thought I'd go jam with them... I brought in josh who lived on my floor in the dorms, and played great sax... and the rest you know I'm sure..



Mike Gilham

20 years old, Born and raised 20 twenty miles from San Francisco. He began playing drums at the age of 8, and has been playing ever since. Grew up listening to artist such as: U2, PEARL JAM, AEROSMITH, THE BEATLES AND VAN HALEN.

But his major influences came from the work of the DAVE MATTHEWS BAND. Carter Beauford (Drummer), is his biggest drum influence in the drum world. Others include, Larry Mullin Jr. (U2), Alex Van Halen (Van Halen), Dave Weckel and Dennis Chambers. He is attending college, looking into perhaps becoming a fireman.



Josh Hoover

Plays saxophone. Originally from Tacoma, Washington, he was the final addition to the band. Can also be found playing with his college jazz band at SCU. He started tootin his horn 8 years ago, progressed to jazz in highschool, and hooked up with Warnblinker last year.

Major influences are the funky grooves of Maceo Parker and the soothing sounds of LeRoi Moore. Minor influences are Blue's rippin licks. Previously only playing classical and jazz saxophone, Warnblinker is Josh's first experience with the rock genre of performance. "Hoov" provides a contrasting timber and kick-ass solos to the band's sound and is easily recognized as the "saxiest" member of the group.




Vocals. I'm originally from Jordan. Born March 14th 1977. First musical infleuences were mostly the melodic tunes of Middle Eastern music. As a child though, I traveled to Europe many times -and actually did live in England for over a year- and that was when I got exposed to the great world of western music. I'm a self-taught pianist, always believed in music as a better means of expression. Joined choirs throughout school and college. Joined first band in 1997. The band was "6 foot 3", but the musical style and direction of that band wasn't what I had in mind. Then Warnblinker came along. somewhere in the near future, I'm hoping to contribute some poetical lyrics to the band to be used as songs at some point.

When the band first got together, I remember the first sound I heard us playing, well, I wasn't really there, I was outside the garage, smoking a cigarette, and they started playing "mimesis", our instrumental tune. That was the first time the entire band as it is today was there. I could not believe the sounds that were coming out of that garage, I said to myself that there is no way that was really us, it was great. We started putting all the songs together, and in two months, we played our first gig and recorded a CD. Lately I've been playing some acoustic guitar on some of the songs. Soon I'm hoping to get a keyboard and start playing that too, it'll make the sound richer and more diverse.

As for influences, pretty much everything that sounds good (except for hip hop, rap, techno and what have you)... but let me mention some of the influences and fav bands and musicians: Pat Mcgee Band, Dave Matthews Band, Metallica, Rolling Stones, Bob Dylan, Blues Traveler, The Freddy Jones Band, The Doors, Pink Flyod, James Horner, Bela Fleck and the Flecktones, Live, Tracy Chapman, U2, Abdul-Haleem Hafez...